Complete Buyer’s Guide to Air Conditioning

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Air Conditioning

When considering air conditioning, many questions come to mind like, – should I buy or rent an air conditioner? How do I choose an air conditioner? How much does it cost to rent an air conditioner? “What does BTU mean?” Should I get a portable air conditioner? The list goes on!  

When it comes time to purchase an air conditioner for your home, there are 4 main things you should consider:  


Your budget is a great place to start when considering your home air conditioner needs. Will you rent or buy your air conditioner? How much additional hydro will it require? How much does an air conditioner cost to buy? Rent? All of these questions will need to be considered when factoring in your air conditioner unit. There are several factors that affect the cost of ac unit. Most of these questions will depend on the size of the environment you are cooling, and if you will require central air or an independent air conditioning unit.  Energy-efficient units can also help your budget – depending on the unit you select; you could be eligible for an Energy Savings Rebate Program from the Government. 


Rental or purchase? 

When deciding between renting or purchasing an air conditioner unit, you should consider your long-term goals. Will you be living in the space long term? Will you have a larger budget in the coming years? Will you be focusing on energy efficiency in your home? All of these questions can help you determine if a rental or permanent unit is right for you. For help deciding on your air conditioner needs, give Crystal Heating & Cooling a call. Our specialists can help you determine the right unit for your needs – long or short term!  


Size of environment 

The size of the space the air conditioner is cooling down is crucial to your decision. If your air conditioner is designed for a small space, it may not cool down your entire home or even the entire floor. Alternatively, if your air conditioner is too big, it could become very noisy and too cold. While having a cold space in the summer sounds great, you could be spending more on the unit and energy bills than you need to. Generally, when talking about the size of an air conditioner, you will hear the term “BTU” which stands for “British Thermal Units”, simply put, it is really just a unit of energy. For more information on BTU’s and to determine what size BTU is best for your space, check out this handy BTU calculator 



Regardless of the model you select, rental or purchase, portable or not, the installation of your air conditioner is critical to your buying decision. Whether you’re a self-proclaimed handyman or Jill of all trades, we encourage you to have a professional install your unit. Not only is it safer, but having a credible installation specialist install your unit ensures that it is done correctly, efficiently, and to your benefit. While installing it on your own or with a friend may save you money initially, incorrectly installed units may break down or fail completely costing you more in the long run.  When in doubt, give us a call – Crystal Heating & Cooling is dedicated to offering you only the most educated and experienced licensed technicians – many of who started with our organization several years ago and continue to help build Crystal’s reputation of exceptional customer service and trusted home care. 


No matter your situation, budget, or goals, with Crystal Heating & Cooling you never have to choose between affordability, durability, and optimum cooling. If you’re still not confident about where to start when purchasing your air conditioner, give Crystal Heating & Cooling a call and we will keep you cool and informed during the decision process.