Prepping your AC Systems for Winter

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The end of summer, is a time to get ready for the cooler months ahead while soaking up the last bit of summer fun. One thing that isn’t so fun? Turning on your AC next summer, and finding out it ISNT working! One way to easily prevent this is to prepare it for winter. We have the tips and tricks you need, take a look below. If you’re looking for details on how to winterize your HVAC system as a whole, check out our other blog 


What is “Winterizing”?

Winterizing your AC System is simply preparing it to withstand the harsher months ahead. Not only that, but it keeps your system functioning efficiently. Inefficient units typically do not cool as well, and worse, they cost extra money in bills and repair costs. Your AC unit is filled with intricate systems, and ensuring Jack Frost keeps his wintery breath away from them is key.  


How do I prepare my AC system for winter?

Remember to always ensure the unit is FULLY off before inspecting or cleaning the unit – safety is key! Once that is done, winter AC maintenance typically involves giving it a thorough cleaning – this includes washing away dirt, bugs or bird droppings and clearing any dead grass, branches or leaves that may have accumulated in the area.  

When your unit is fully dry, cover the AC with a waterproof – yet breathable – air conditioner cover to help protect it from the harsh elements of winter. Without an air conditioner cover, snow and ice can form on the unit’s fins pushing them out of alignment. Once that snow melts, depending on what your unit is made of, this meltwater can seep into your unit causing rust and corrosion. Be sure to check your AC cover once a week, removing any snow or ice buildup and cleaning away any additional debris surrounding the unit.  


Seasonal Maintenance from Crystal Heating and Cooling 

Regular maintenance is another great way to prepare your AC systems and units for winter. Our team at Crystal Heating and Cooling has over 35 years of experience in HVAC and with Canadian winters. We can help you quickly and efficiently prepare your AC Systems for winter, protecting your unit so it stays safe during its off-season. Not only that, but we leave our job sites so tidy, it’s like we were never even there! Give us a call today to book your service at 519-756-6888