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Garage Heaters

Are you using your garage to store your car, have a space to hang out over the winter, or are just looking to keep your workspace workable during our beloved Canadian winters? We know how important it is to heat your Garage. No matter the reason, we’re here to help you choose the most efficient heater for your garage. 


How to Calculate Garage Heater Size 

When deciding what heater to purchase for your garage, you may be wondering “how many BTU’s* are required to heat a garage?” or “how do I calculate what size garage heater I need?”. One way of determining the perfect heater size for your space is for every 10 watts of output, approximately 1 square foot of space can be heated. For example, a 500-square-foot room will require a heater with 5,000-watt output to fully heat the space.

*A BTU is a British Thermal Unit – a measure of the heat content of fuels or energy sources. 


Permanent or Temporary Garage Heaters – Which solution do you need? 

Do you require a permanent solution to your cold woes, or are you looking for a short-term solution? For those who use their garage for storage, to get around to that old reno project, or those who require a space to move around in, a permanent solution may be more suitable. Permanent garage heaters are normally installed on the ceiling or wall meaning there are no pesky cords to trip you up or get in your way. If you are just looking to heat your garage for a short period of time, a portable heater maybe your best solution – just be careful. Temporary heaters come with cords as well as the risk of something blocking the heater causing a fire risk.  


Trust the Experts with your Garage Heater  

At Crystal, we’ve been helping our customers choose the right heating and cooling solutions for over thirty years. Some of our most trusted garage heater brands that we sell and install are Modine and Re-Verber-Ray. These brands have heaters intended for your residential garage to help turn it from a cold, storage space into a warm workspace. With the help of our trusted brands, Crystal helps you get projects up and running again with a garage heater that comes with fast installation and the power to go all winter long.  

Don’t get stuck with a cold garage, check out our selection of garage heaters on our website, or contact us for information about other models today!