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November 28, 2022
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January 9, 2023
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 Ahh winter, the time when December, January, and February’s…cold grasp reaches every corner, including the garage! Living in Ontario, we’ve gotten used to the cold, but that doesn’t mean your fingers should hurt while working on your favourite activities! PLUS, once the beverages in the garage start to freeze..the party is over!

Whether it’s used for storage or activities, it’s time to take back your garage space this season by installing a garage heater from Crystal Heating and Cooling! Take a look at our top reasons for keeping your garage warm in the winter:

1. Garage heaters are compact and easy to maintain

Think installing a heater will take up a lot of space in the garage and require a ton of work to maintain? Think again! Large, bulky, and awkward in the past, garage heaters are much more compact in today’s day and age with the ability to heat just as well, if not better than before.

Along with being smaller in size, garage heaters are much simpler when it comes to their design and functionality requiring less maintenance. Really the only thing that has to be maintained on a regular basis are the filters, saving you lots when it comes to maintenance and any servicing or repair costs.

2. Garage Heaters Help Keep your whole house warm

Do you have an attached garage with a room directly above or beside the garage space? If so, you’ve probably noticed those rooms tend to get much colder than the others in your home. Why? Because they are directly attached to your unheated garage which is pushing cold air into those rooms. Even with a proper heating source and insulation, these rooms can become unbearably chilly.

An easy solution to this issue is installing a garage heater to provide warmth and comfort to your whole family no matter where they choose to relax within the home.

Think the noise from the heater will cut into your relaxation time? Opt for a model such as the Hot Dawg Power Vented heater featuring hush-puppy quiet operation.

3. Garage Heaters Help Keep your Vehicle in Good Condition

Crazy as it sounds, some people actually use their garages to store or park their vehicles. One of the greatest benefits of parking your car in your garage during the winter months compared to on the street or in your driveway is that the protection from the freezing temperatures helps to maintain your vehicle.

Cold weather causes many elements, including metal, to expand and contract. This means every time you start your vehicle in the morning, the heat from the engine morphs the cold metal engine block causing your vehicle to warp over time.

This process of freezing and thawing every day has a negative impact on your car’s battery, engine block, body, and in the end, your wallet. With a garage heater, you can avoid these damages and improve your vehicle’s lifespan.

Bonus: Your car will already be warm and toasty when you climb into it during those dreaded early work mornings. Not to mention your windows won’t be frozen when you go to order your morning coffee from Tim Hortons – we’ve all been there!

4. Garage Heaters Keep Pipes From Freezing

If you have an attached garage, chances are you also have water pipes running between the walls and/or ceiling. When the winter winds creep in and temps start to plummet in the garage, your plumbing could be targeted by jack frost’s cold grasp resulting in breaks, leaks, and other issues. Keeping your garage above freezing will ensure pipes remain in tact.

5. Garage Heaters Reduce safety concerns

Let’s take a step back to using your garage as a space to park your car. Many people choose to start their cars in the morning to warm them up for a few minutes before actually getting into the car. If you do this while your car is parked in the garage, the emissions from your vehicle are building up and leaking into your home and negatively affecting the air that you and your family are breathing.

By installing a heater in your home’s garage, you eliminate the need to start your car and warm it up prior to leaving because your garage heater has kept your vehicle nice and warm all night long. Not to mention the air quality within your home will improve tremendously.

6. Garage Heaters Help You Stay Warm While You Work

Have you ever tried typing in a cold office? Not fun! Now try imagining using a wrench or trying to tighten a screw or thread a wire through a small hole in a cold workspace. Again, not fun!

Many homeowners like to use their garage as their workroom to repair broken items and this time is very limited in the winter months due to the cold temperatures.

Garage heaters allow handymen to use their garage workspace year-round keeping anyone in the room at a comfortable temperature so as not to impede your work whether you’re simply tinkering away at a motorcycle, or creating the next greatest invention known to mankind!


7. Crystal Goes with the Pros

Here at Crystal Heating and Cooling, we use trusted garage heater brands such as Modine and Re-Verber-Ray to help keep our customers toasty warm. Modine’s Hot Dawg Powered Vented gas-fired heater is a great (and affordable) way to keep your space warm and has up to SIX available sizes.  We also carry Re-Verber-Ray’s DX3 Infrared tube heater, and the UH Seal Combustion Heater, with other models available upon request!


Take your garage space back this winter by contacting Crystal Heating and Cooling today and get started with installing a new garage heater in Brantford, Hamilton, Norfolk and the surrounding areas – Call us at 519-756-6888 today for a FREE quote