5 Things to Consider When Buying a Garage Heater

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How To Choose a Garage Heater

Whether you’re keeping your workshop comfortable or protecting your possessions from cold nights, a garage heater can transform an otherwise unused space. Garage heaters aren’t like furnaces, however, so there are several things you need to consider before purchasing one.

Here are Crystal Heating and Cooling’s top five things to consider when buying a garage heater:

The Available Heat Source in Your Garage

Because of the items commonly found in garages such as wood or paint, it’s recommended to stick with either natural gas or electric garage heaters. Propane garage heaters could lead to safety concerns, so it’s best to play it safe. Plus, these two options have some fantastic benefits.

Cost is benefit number one. Take a look at utility prices and consider how often you may be putting your garage heater to work. Natural gas can be the more cost-efficient option if you have access to this within your garage.

If you don’t have natural gas access, an electric garage heater may be the way to go. An electric heater is usually the least intrusive option since it can be mounted on the ceiling, creating more usable space for whatever your garage is used for.

Make sure to check the power requirements on this one. The last thing you need is to buy a garage heater that isn’t compatible with the voltage you have in your garage.

Choose the Correct BTU

British Thermal Unit (BTU) is the energy unit used to describe how quickly the temperature can be raised in a certain space.

To calculate what BTU you’ll require based on the size and ceiling height of your garage, check out this handy BTU Calculator and start talking garage-heater-talk. Generally, 50,000 BTUs are needed to heat a 3-car garage or a new generously sized workshop.

If you want to make it even easier, just give us a call at Crystal and we can help recommend the perfect garage heater for your specific space.

Safety Comes First

With a home garage heater, safety is always important. If your home is set up for easy access to natural gas, it’s likely you have adequate ventilation for a gas-burning heater. This safety measure is another point in favour of these bad boys, right alongside their powerful heating capabilities. So, if you’re safely equipped for a gas heater, we say go for it!

You should also evaluate what’s in your garage and who uses it. Is it accessible to pets and children? Is there a lot of dust?

If you’re working in a dusty space, an electric garage heater may be your best bet. They require minimal maintenance, unlike a gas heater which will require deeper cleaning to the air vents, motor and burner to remove any fire hazards like dust and debris.

A ceiling-mounted unit means the burner is further out of reach, providing more safety to innocent hands and paws.

Noise Levels

Don’t forget to check out the detailed specs on your new garage heater before you buy it. You may have thought you’ve found the perfect match…until you have your heater installed and find it sounds like a jet engine taking off.

You’re in the pursuit of a more comfortable environment, so consider our Modine Hot Dog Power Vented Gas Heater, equipped with “Hush-Puppy quiet operation” so you won’t be disturbed by your heater doing its work.

If you’re going to be making excessive noise anyway, or the garage is a place for your 15-year-old son’s budding rock band to practice, maybe you don’t need to worry about sound disturbance (it may even help).

The Garage’s Environment

Every garage is slightly different. You may have an older home with less insulation in your walls and windows or maybe a door or two that aren’t sealed properly. This will affect what your new garage heater is truly capable of.

Not only that, but our fierce Canadian winters can put garage heaters through the ringer, so make sure it’s capable of achieving the temperature you’re after.

It’s typically best to play it safe and buy a garage heater with slightly more power (BTUs) than you may deem necessary.

A heated garage is an extension of your home and can be as comfortable as your interior. If you don’t have prior experience with transforming your garage into a livable space, remember that we do.

Give our team at Crystal Heating and Cooling a call or send us a quick message and we will hook you up with the perfect garage heater in Brantford and the surrounding communities.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which is the best type of heater for a garage?

Crystal Heating & Cooling offers several brands and models of garage heaters – including Modine, Garage Guy Heater, and Re-Verber-Ray. The “best” is certainly geared to your personal garage set up. We offer several gas-powered models and electric models, as well as low intensity infrared radiant tube heaters.

Where to install a garage heater?

To be most effective, garage heaters should be placed in the coldest corner of the room and directed towards the center. Most models can be either mounted to the ceiling, or a wall, to save space and let you work unobstructed. Ideally, you should also look for a model with a fan and swivel feature so that you may direct warm air onto wherever you’re working.

Where to buy a garage heater?

Crystal Heating & Cooling is always available to help with purchasing your garage heater. We recommend several brands that will work with numerous garage and workshop sets up. Remember that adding a garage heater can benefit any homeowner, especially in our Canadian winters. It will help protect items like your car battery, stored appliances, or tools; and can help maintain warmth throughout your home by preventing cold air seeping in. Crystal Heating & Cooling can answer all your questions and concerns and help find the best heater for your garage or workshop.