5 Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

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March 26, 2019
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Smart Home Technology

We get it, some people are hesitant to convert their home into a smart home with all the bells and whistles, and we’re not saying you have to! But at the least, you should consider a smart thermostat.

Smart thermostat technology has progressed immensely with brands such as Ecobee and Honeywell, and the benefits are significant.

This is not your grandmother’s thermostat, so check out what really makes a smart thermostat different and have Crystal set you up with money savings.

1. Save Energy, Save Money

Let’s talk money savings and answer the question you’re bound to ask before investing in a new device. How much money will a smart thermostat actually save me? Well, a lot!

Without any intervention or programming a smart thermostat will save you $130-$145 on average per year. With programming, your savings will continue racking up.

Not only that, but these smart devices will continuously send you monthly energy reports to show you how you can save even more. They will compare your energy consumption to the average and award you “eco leaves” so you know when you hit the most efficient temperature.

2. One less thing to think about

Smart thermostats are like little temperature monitoring geniuses that exist only to make our lives easier. So, let them! Your new thermostat will send you maintenance reminders so you don’t have to think about when you last replaced your furnace filters.

With use, the device will learn your preferred heating and cooling settings and suggest slight temperatures changes in order to save on energy. These changes are so incremental you wouldn’t otherwise notice, until you see your energy bill.

3. They’re called smart for a reason

These bad boys are equipped with advanced learning technology including sensors. Your new best friend will detect when you walk by or when you have left the house. That means when you have one of those “What did I forget…” moments when you’re already 2 blocks away from home, your thermostat has already flipped to ECO mode to save you on those peak hour charges.

If you’re nervous about the smart technology, don’t take out your tinfoil hat quite yet! It doesn’t have to take over all heating and cooling controls in your home. You can still manually adjust these functions so rather than self-adjusting, it will prompt you.

4. Wi-Fi Enabled

We take our phones everywhere, and now you can take your smart thermostat too! Wi-fi enabling means you can control your settings when you’re not home and ensure it’s comfortable the moment you walk in the door by waking the system up before you arrive home.

Through the use of apps, you have access to comprehensive timers and schedules all from your phone. It will also tell you the amount of time until the house reaches the desired temperature, to deter cranking that AC unnecessarily high.

All notifications and alerts from the Ecobee and Honeywell devices can be sent to your phone to alert of drastic changes such as a power outage to save you some unpleasant surprises.

5. Compatibility with other devices

If you’re eager to get a whole slew of smart home devices, know that a smart thermostat from Crystal can be paired with any Amazon Alexa or Google Home device to enable voice control.

Now when you hop into bed or you’re bustling around in the morning you don’t have to touch a thing, just say your command out loud and Google Home will adjust the temperature. Crystal offers several other compatible Smart Home devices that you can check out.

People are buzzing about new smart thermostats for a reason, and now you’ve got the down low on how Crystal can help you achieve a more comfortable and affordable home. If it’s more information you’re after contact Crystal Heating and Cooling and we will give you all the information and installation help you need to upgrade your home in Brantford, Hamilton and Kitchener to become a smart home.