4 Different Types of Heating Systems for Your House 

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August 16, 2021
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With cooler temperatures right around the corner, you may be wondering what the best way to heat your home is. With many different brands, heating types, and considerations, the choice isn’t always an easy one – and that’s why we’re here! Take a look through our blog below at the different kinds of heating options for your home and if you’re still unsure, give us a call 



Furnaces are one of the most common types of heating systems used today. Furnaces heat your home through a heating cycle – when you turn on your furnace and set a temperature, natural gas or propane is ignited in the burner causing the heat exchanger to heat up. Once the heat exchanger is warm, a blowing mechanism in the furnace circulates air over the heat exchanger and the newly heated air is picked up by an air return and sent throughout the home using the duct system.   

 Some of our favourite brands that we offer are KeepRite Heating and Cooling as well as Goodman – with 7 varieties available between the two brands, and more furnace models available upon request, the furnaces offered at Crystal Heating and Cooling ensure cost savings, environmental sustainability and home comfort. 


Heat Pumps 

Heat pumps are a great heating and cooling tool as they provide exceptional temperature control without the traditional ductwork needed for other types of air conditioning. Typically, a heat pump has two main components: a condenser unit that usually sits outside the home and produces the heat or cold, and an indoor unit that passes hot or cool air into the home. When air is pulled from outside, the unit transfers the air into a refrigeration coolant which is then compressed causing an increase in temperature. The coolant is then pushed into the indoor component of the heat pump passing the air over the hot coolant to increase the temperature further to accommodate the set temperature within the home.  

For less noisy compressors and smaller ductwork for your home, look no further than Crystal Heat and Cooling. Our most trusted brands use a small, easily hidden outdoor unit connected to a wall-mounted indoor unit via a pair of copper piping to heat and cool your room or zone. 


Gas Fireplaces  

Electric fireplaces work by pulling cool outdoor air into the unit through a heating coil and back out into the room using a fan. A gas fireplace works very similarly in that it pulls in cool outdoor air and pushes it through the unit using a combustion and exhaust system. One major benefit of using a gas or electric fireplace is that you can turn down the thermostat and turn up the fireplace heating the room that you are in. Some models even allow for you to control the flame height, colour, and heat output making you feel like the ultimate fire master all with the click of a button.  

At Crystal Heating and Cooling, we offer over 9 product options from our featured brands Savannah Heating Products and Continental Heating and Cooling. Enjoy home comfort at its finest for years with beautifully crafted gas fireplaces, gas inserts, gas stoves, wood-burning stoves, wood-burning inserts and more. From wall-mounted to stand-alone fireplaces, Crystal delivers exceptional products at the right price. 


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Contact us today to learn more about our heating and cooling options for your home. With over 30 years of experience in the trade, we know that installing, replacing or servicing your heating and cooling equipment is an extra home expense that isn’t always planned for. Not only that, but these endeavours tend to hit during the busiest times of the year and you’re left feeling completely overwhelmed. You can trust us to do everything we can, from flexible scheduling to easy financing options, to make this process run smoothly and be as comfortable as possible for you.