Why You Need a Smart Leak Detector for Spring

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smart leak detector

Fixing a leak right before any major water damage occurs can save a lot of money, and decrease the potential for loss of personal possessions and unnecessary safety concerns.  

Water damage can result from variou household issues, like broken seals, clogged lines, loose connections, excess water pressure, and more. To avoid this from happening, installing a smart leak detector is the best way to go.

What is a smart leak detector or sensor? 

Smart water leak detectors or smart water sensors are can detect water and help prevent excess moisture or even flooding that could result from faulty pipes or appliances.  

When water leak occurs, water leak sensors set off a physical alarm or trigger an alert to be sent  to your smartphone or computer via Wi-Fi. Some smart leak detectors can even automatically shut off valves to prevent major water damage. 

How does smart water leak detector work? 

The main principle behind smart water leak detection is that all leaks produce some sort of a sound. Water leaks have different frequencies made by the type of leak whether it’s coming from pipes that are under greater pressure or from pipes that are under lower pressure and from the contents of these pipes.  

These water leaks then transmit a frequency that is captured up by the smart water leak detector and an alert is sent on your smartphone.

Now, here are some great reasons as to why you need a smart leak detector for Spring: 

1. Smart leak detection technology is dynamic. 

Smart leak detector systems vary from brand to brand, but it’s common for a system to include three main components that are controlled by an app for smartphones or tablets: 

  1. Sensors – These can be placed at specific points in a home where water leaks are possible. This will allow you to customize a leak detection solution based on your customers’ needs or concerns. 
  1. Shut off valves – As with the sensors, shut off valves can be also be installed at strategic locations. Installation by a licensed plumber is usually necessary.
  1. Hub – A centralized hub seamlessly integrates the sensors with the shut off valves and relays information to the system’s app. 

2. Smart leak detector system takes little time and effort. 

As mentioned above, certain shut off valves must be installed by a licensed plumber if cutting into a water line is required. For plumbing professionals this is no different than installing a standard brass valve. Once again, the specific shut off valves vary as per the brand, but they are available in standard domestic sizes for easy installation. 

Once the shut off valves and other components are in place, the setup of a smart water leak detector can be easily done through the respective app on your smartphone or tablet. This will allow you to choose settings based on your needs. 


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