November 29, 2018
Prepare HVAC System Furnace for Winter

Fire up the furnace! Getting your home ready for winter

Although it’s technically still considered to be autumn, we all know there are only two seasons here in Brantford which means winter is just around the […]
November 1, 2018
Furnace Replacement

How to Tell If You Need a New Furnace

Knowing how to tell when your ageing furnace has reached the end of its life can be difficult, but the last thing you want is to […]
August 27, 2018
Air Filter Replacement

What Causes a Dirty Air Filter?

Replacing your furnace filter is an important ongoing task for homeowners. We usually suggest this should be done every three months, although this varies depending on […]
August 13, 2018
Replacement Furnace and Air Conditioner

Benefits of Replacing Your Furnace and Air Conditioner Together

The year-round comfort of your home depends greatly on the heating and air conditioning systems you select to heat your home in the winter and cool […]