5 Reasons to Consider In-Floor Heating

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Increasing number of people are staying indoors this winter, not just because of the cold, but also due to the stay-at-home order. And we all know that no one wants to step on a cold floor in the morning when there is no in-floor heating. 

Due to this reason, it is important to find a home heating solution, which is both energy efficient and cost effective.  

Radiant in-floor heating is beneficial in your home and can make a difference by eliminating those horrible mornings where your feet are shocked by an ice-cold floor. 

How does in-floor heating work? 

Radiant in-floor heating systems produce heat through thermal radiation, by heating the floor rather than the surrounding air, they provide indirect, diffused heat that radiates from the floor up.  

This radiant heat is absorbed by surrounding objects, and in turn they help to warm the entire room.  

Radiation transmits thermal energy in the air through electromagnetic waves. These waves contain potential energy for as long as they remain unobstructed. Once they hit an obstacle, they release their energy in the form of heat through the material like your floors, walls, furniture. 

With radiant heat, home comfort tends to be felt sooner and at a lower temperature. There is negligible air flow, keeping the temperature comfortable and even.

There are two types of in-floor heating systems: 

1. Electric Radiant In-Floor Heating 

Electric radiant in-floor heating uses electric heating elements woven in a snake like pattern to heat the floor. They can heat up fast in as little as 30-60 minutes, and are in complete control of the homeowner. You can also turn it off when not in use to save on energy costs. 

2. Hydronic Radiant In-Floor Heating 

Hydronic radiant floor heating system uses hot water pumped through plastic tubing laid out in a snake pattern under the floor. The system requires a boiler, a pump and gas lines. You can also tap into a geothermal system as well. These in-floor heating systems are ideal for complete house heating and recommended for new properties that are undergoing significant renovations. Additionally, hydronic systems can take a bit longer to heat up 

Now, we will explore the top five reasons why you should consider having in-floor heating installed this winter. 

1. Better heat distribution & Efficiency 

Most home heating systems work from the top down, so valuable energy is wasted in heating the ceiling of a room.  

In contrast, the heat produced by a hydronic in-floor heating system works from the floor up, allowing for a more efficient heat distribution as warm air rises. 

2. No Noise 

With hydronic radiant floors, you can say goodbye to those loud, annoying noises coming from your HVAC system whenever the heat kicks in during the winter. You’ll enjoy peace and quiet as water silently distributes warmth throughout your house. 

3. Improved Air Quality

Since a pump is used to move water in a in-floor heating system, instead of a fan or blower to move air. The heating system does not circulate dust, allergens, or odours throughout your home, resulting in better air quality. 

4. Reliable & Low Maintenance 

Hydronic in-floor heating systems are designed to provide a long-lasting, comfortable form of heating that you can rely on for years. Hydronic heating systems are reliable, and require minimum amount of maintenance and servicing 

5. Driveway Snow Melting 

With exterior hydronic heating, you can say goodbye to shovelling snow or pouring salt on your driveway in the winter. Hydronic heating can be extended to many other home heating needs, including swimming pools, fan coils, and more. 


If these reasons are not enough to help you decide whether to get in-floor heating for your home or not, contact your local HVAC expert at Crystal. We will be happy to answer all your questions regarding an in-floor home heating system.