The Complete Buyer’s Guide to Air Conditioning: Which A/C System Do I Need?

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3 Types of Air Conditioners

We have news for you Brantford – summer is officially here! It may have been a rainy and unusually cold spring season, but the heat has been turned up and just like our winters here in Canada, our summers can be pretty extreme too.

When it comes to scorching hot weather, it’s important to prioritize your health by staying cool throughout the day and while you’re getting your beauty sleep at night. That all starts by choosing the right air conditioner for your home. With air conditioning systems that are more energy efficient than ever before, Crystal Heating and Cooling can help keep you cool all summer long while saving you money.

When it comes to air conditioning, we get quite a few commonly asked questions starting with, “Which air conditioning system is right for me?” Our cooling experts have put together this complete buyer’s guide to air conditioning to put your mind at ease and answer all of your questions.

Let’s start by reviewing what types of air conditioners are available for your home. After all, choosing the right system really comes down to whichever best suits your family’s needs, budget and living space.

The 3 Types of Air Conditioners

Central Air Conditioners

Within Brantford, the most common way to cool a home is with a central air conditioning system. This is a system that actually includes an external condenser unit that sits outside of your home. As ironic as this sounds, your furnace actually works with your AC using the fan to blow the cold air through the duct work in your home.

The biggest benefit when it comes to central air conditioners is that they cool your entire home and not just a specific room or two. They also tend to be one of the more cost-effective cooling solutions giving you the most bang for your buck.

Carrying only the best there is to offer, our line of Goodman central air conditioners, including the GSX 13, GSX 14, GSX 16, and GSXC 18 provides you with all the options you need to make the right selection for your home.

Window Air Conditioning Units

Used primarily to cool the room they are installed in, window air conditioners effortlessly fit into an open window frame within your home. These cooling units take the warm air from inside of your home and cools it by running that warm air over an evaporator coil and then blowing it back into your home.

These systems are a great alternative if you don’t need every room in your home air conditioned since they can be easily installed to cool specific rooms.

There are even some living spaces, such as older apartments, where a window AC unit is pretty much the only option you have to keep your living area cool.

Portable Air Conditioners

A portable air conditioner is one that can be moved around the home from room to room. One thing to keep in mind with portable air conditioners though is they often require venting to remove the hot air and moisture generated by the unit.

Since the evaporator fan is working constantly, you may find these air conditioning systems to be a little bit more noisier than your other options.

These kind of cooling systems are great when you need to cool smaller spaces such as a garage, recreation room or small bedroom. For a full system that cools your entire home, we would suggest our GSXC18 central air conditioner from Goodman.

Choosing the Right Size of Air Conditioner

Once you have decided which type of air conditioner you need, you will need to think about what size your air conditioning unit should be. A properly sized AC unit should offer the comfortable cooling you need throughout the summer without breaking your bank.

Some questions you should ask yourself when trying to determine the proper sized air conditioning unit include:

  • What size is your home?
  • How many bedrooms are in your home?
  • What type of windows do you have?
  • Is the exposure of your house facing south or north?

When it comes to selecting the right sized unit, there can be dangers associated with selecting an oversized or undersized unit. An oversized unit for example will cool your home, however, it will not remove the humidity. This will cause your house to actually feel warmer creating a much less comfortable environment.

An undersized unit on the other hand, most likely won’t be able to keep up on those hotter days during the summer months. Again, creating a much less comfortable living space. That’s why selecting the right size of unit is so imperative to help you save on energy costs while remaining comfortable.

When it comes to selecting the proper air conditioning unit for your home and family, including the size, it’s always best to give our home comfort experts a call. Our technicians and sales team will help you savour the summer in comfort with unparalleled cooling products, installation and service.