The Complete Buyer’s Guide to Furnaces: Single vs. 2-Stage Furnaces

Buying a new furnace or replacing your current one can become a very complicated process. All of the technical terms that are thrown around, especially since there’s always new technologies and developments, can be confusing for the average homeowner.

When deciding on which furnace to purchase, if there’s one thing that you absolutely need to know (other than the price!) it’s the difference between a single-stage and a 2-stage furnace. These stages are actually referring to the blower within the furnace.

Let’s take a look at how these two types of furnaces differ and which one is best for your home.

Single Stage Furnace

Also known as a 1-stage furnace, single stage means the furnace only has one setting – high. This means that whenever it’s operating, the furnace is running at full capacity, no matter how cold it is outside.

A single stage furnace is not as efficient as a 2-stage one because it is working at full blast to produce as much energy as possible every single time it is turned on.

2-Stage Furnace

With a 2-stage furnace, also known as a modulating furnace, ‘2-stage’ refers to the furnace’s indoor blower motor. It simply means that the blower motor operates at different speeds to more accurately control the flow of heated air to your home.

This advanced technology is able to constantly monitor and adjust its blower settings to account for things in your home that restrict airflow, such as your ductwork, furnace location and even dirty furnace filters.

Being able to constantly adjust the blower motor can be a huge energy and money saver since your furnace will run much more efficiently. These types of furnaces also allow you to set the thermostat on different settings for various parts of your home.

A 2-stage furnace provides a more consistent comfort level as it removes the possibility of temperature swings. A modulating furnace is like cruise control for your furnace’s operation and the automatic adjustments is what makes this type of furnace deliver maximum fuel efficiency.

Furthermore, even when the furnace is not on, the motor in a 2-stage furnace can be in constant operation so that it will continue to circulate the air in your home 24/7 providing higher air quality. The more air that goes through the filter, the more contaminants are being removed.

In addition, since the furnace is providing a continuous, warm airflow, that air is constantly being redistributed meaning your furnace does not have to operate as often. Another money-saving benefit!

Clearly, a 2-stage furnace is the ultimate choice when it comes to deciding on an energy-efficient furnace. While they cost more upfront, they pay for themselves in the long run.

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