Number 1 Guide to Furnace Inspection in Brantford 

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July 13, 2023
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Furnaces help keep your home warm during cold Canadian months, but it’s easy to forget just how important a furnace is until it stops working, leaving you cold and frustrated. One of the best ways to avoid this is to regularly get your furnace inspected by a professional. While it sounds like another chore to add to your list, with one single call you can help yourself save on additional energy and repair costs

How Often Should I Schedule a Furnace Inspection?  

Furnaces should be inspected annually, before the months when they are needed most. In Ontario, the best time to schedule your furnace inspection is in the summer months before cool autumn nights creep in. 

How Long Does a Furnace Inspection Take? 

HVAC professionals have a lot of items to check during furnace inspections, so they typically last up to an hour but could go over depending on what is found during the inspection. Having annual inspections will ensure that any small issues are found and resolved quickly.  

Why should I have a professional perform a furnace inspection? 

In the age of YouTube tutorials, you’re probably wondering if you can inspect your furnace yourself. While you could do this, a professional is trained to quickly identify any performance or safety issues and plan for correcting them immediately. There is no one better to perform your yearly maintenance checks than the people who installed it and know it best!  

What should I do before my furnace inspection? 

With Crystal Heating and Cooling, all you have to do is sit back and relax. So long as we can access your furnace, we’ll take care of the rest. Checks performed during a furnace inspection can vary slightly depending on the technician and the type of furnace you have, but generally, the following components are checked by Crystal Heating & Cooling’s HVAC Technicians: 

  • Multi-point inspection 
  • Full maintenance and cleaning 
  • Carbon monoxide report 
  • Smoke detector and CO inspection 

Our plans preserve the Manufacturer’s Warranty and extend your home comfort appliance’s lifespan! For our customers, we offer a special maintenance package for your heating and cooling system with 24-hour emergency service. 


If you have more questions about an inspection for your home’s furnace, then give Crystal Heating and Cooling a call at 519-756-6888.  We would be happy to answer all your questions and if needed, help you decide if and what new furnace is the best one for your home.