How Does a Ductless Heat Pump/Air Conditioner Work?

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April 15, 2020
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Despite what many people realize, ductless heat pump and air conditioning technology has been employed for decades. While more prevalent in Europe and Asia, this type of heating and cooling system is becoming more common in Canada. In some cases, it’s even more efficient and economical than traditional forced-air HVAC systems used in most Canadian homes.

A ductless type heat pump can offer an efficient heating and cooling solution without the requirement of having ductwork and a natural gas feed.

How a Ductless Heat Pump/Air Conditioner Works

A ductless system consists of two major components; the indoor head and the outdoor condensing unit.

Indoor Head

The indoor head, sometimes referred to as the indoor air handling unit, is a wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted evaporator head which houses the evaporator coil, air circulation motor and filtration system. In a nutshell, it’s the part of the system that’s situated inside of your home that distributes the warmed or cooled air.

The indoor heads come in many sizes and styles to fit your specific HVAC requirements.

Unlike a central HVAC system, which will heat or cool an entire residence, ductless systems are most effective in the room they’re installed in. Zoning (by installing multiple heads where they’re needed) allows you to heat/cool a wider area and achieve a more consistent temperature throughout your home or business.

Outdoor Condensing Unit

An outdoor condensing unit contains the digital inverter compressor, condensing coil, and electronics which cycle the refrigerant throughout the system. As the name suggests, this part of the ductless heating system is installed outside of the home or business.

The outdoor unit connects to the indoor unit with two refrigerant lines and a communication cable. In most instances, these connections can be made on the exterior of the building.  This avoids the need for cutting holes and having bulkheads in the interior of the building.

These condensing units are available in multiple sizes from 12,000 BTU – 48,000 BTU and can be used with as little as one or as many as eight indoor heads.

Benefits of Installing a Ductless Heat Pump/Air Conditioner

Ductless technology is perfect for older homes that may use electric baseboards or a central boiler for heating where running ductwork would prove to be difficult. They’re also great for additions, allowing you to heat and cool the addition without the added cost and hassle of running ductwork to it.

Ductless heat pumps and air conditioners are also well suited to small condos or apartments that don’t have a central HVAC system. In these cases, a ductless system is a small, spacing saving solution that provides quiet and efficient heating and cooling.

Our premium line of Daikin ductless products features efficient inverter technology, which can be used in primary source heating requirements down to -40 degrees Celsius and high-demand cooling solutions in both cold and warm climates.

Whether retrofitting an existing home that lacks air conditioning or designing a new home from scratch, ductless heat pump and air conditioning technology can provide year-round comfort at a fraction of the operating cost of a traditional forced-air system.

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